Vintage Moroccan Rug BB6217

Vintage Moroccan Rug Description:

An early 20th century Vintage Moroccan Rug, Circa: 1940, Origin: Morocco. This wonderfully decorative Moroccan Rug does not have a long history but would not go unnoticed in a tastefully furnished interior. Like the Moroccan rugs in general, this Berber rug is distinctive in its coloration. It features a marvelous selection of irregular latticework figures. The colors are intense, kept mostly in shades of clay and orange. Its dynamic and colorful design as well as its geometric structure and unique pattern, that showcases an amazing argyle grid give the expressive and modern appearance. The charming design with a dose of history mixed with abstract and ethnographic details make it alluring to consumers from all over the world.
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Item No. BB6217
Circa: 1940
Size: 5'4" × 7'5" (163 × 226 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Moroccan Rug BB6217