A late 20th century vintage Moroccan rug. This Moroccan rug, woven in 1950's, catches the eye with its unique pattern. With a diamond-like shape in its middle, it could have been an attempt at imitating the style of Persian carpets, as they commonly have a medallion in their center. However, instead of copying, the weaver made something completely unique, something that could never be created away from Morocco. This piece of art was created by indigenous people of Morocco with a heart and hands of a weaver who was not educated, but instead acquired generations-worth of artistic knowledge, unknown to anyone outside the community. The vibrant palette used for rug's creation - dominating brown with bright oranges, blues and even hints of greens - gives this vintage carpet an air of playful elegance. While the pattern lacks symmetry so common in other types of rugs, its delightful chaos is what makes it truly beautiful in its own way.
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