Vintage Moroccan Rug BB6207

Vintage Moroccan Rug Description:

This absolutely enchanting vintage rug from the middle of the 20th century is permeated with the magic of authentic oriental tribal art. It falls into the category of Beni Ourain antique carpets which have been woven by nomadic tribes inhabiting the mighty Rif Mountains near Taza for centuries. Moroccan bath rugs are characterized by simple, almost primitive designs, a shaggy pile and only two colors in the palette – brown for the pattern and off white or beige for the background.

Here, we are presented with a wonderful compound of diamond-like shapes and ancient kilim motifs, such as earrings expressing a wish to marry, or a tree of life reflecting human hopes for life after death, all executed in a chestnut brown hue against the off-white setting. Beni Ourain rugs for sale have captured the attention of the mid-century modernists and until now they remain among one of the most sought-after Vintage oriental rugs among designers and tastemakers.

One of the factors that makes them so desirable, besides their simplistic yet strangely captivating design, is the soft, long pile which turns any contact with the rug into a heavenly pleasure for the senses. This vintage Moroccan rug, masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques, will certainly not be a disappointment in any department. Its minimalistic elegance and ethnic charm has a chance to enrich any type of interior décor, from classic to contemporary.

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