Vintage Moroccan Rug

Vintage Moroccan Rug Description:

A mid 20th century vintage Moroccan rug, Circa: 1950, Origin: Morocco. This remarkable piece is an example of Beni Ourain rug, weaved by the peoples living in the Rif Mountains near Taza. Moroccan thick pile rugs gained a lot of recognition in the mid-20th century, thanks to modern designers such as Le Corbusier, who paired them with fashionable furniture. The rug is characteristic for its dichromatism and tribal design. A neutral off-white background is contrasted by an uneven, yet geometric, pattern in hues of orange, brown and gray. Rhomboidal shapes are frequently repeated in Berber tradition as they generally symbolize protection. The rug, despite its historical design would be a perfect choice for any modern interior.
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