This circa-1940 vintage Indian Dhurrie rug features an all-over design of sharp geometric, linear abstractions in green and red, with stylized flowers in purple appearing throughout against a field of neutral yellow. Minimalist and simple, the flat-weave rug borrows from a unique weaving tradition. A Dhurrie is a flat-woven cotton rug from India, traditionally used as floor covering. In the twentieth century, these antique flat-woven Indian rugs began to be recognized and lauded as a significant art form from the Indian subcontinent. Transcending social boundaries, the Dhurrie carpet was used by both commoner and royalty; at its simplest it was a multi-purpose textile used as a floor covering, bedding or packaging, while at its most elaborate it was woven with the finest fibers and enhanced by gold-wrapped thread when gracing royal palaces.

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Oversized Indian Dhurrie Vintage Rug
Item No. BB5815
Circa: 1940

Price: $ 28,000
Size: 15'9" × 21'9" (480 × 663 cm)
Color palette:
Oversized Indian Dhurrie Vintage Rug BB5815