Antique Turkish Sivas Rug BB5710

Antique Turkish Sivas Rug Description:

This antique Turkish Sivas rug is hand-woven in wool and features a large, abstract center medallion surrounded by floral motifs and arabesques in an understated combination of soft blue, taupe and beige, with a few brown graphic accents. A main border containing floral and geometric abstractions surrounds the antique carpet to complete its traditional Oriental look. The soft, muted patina of the antique Sivas rug is characteristic of the weaving tradition from which it originates. Decorative antique carpets from Sivas, in the southeast of Turkey in central Anatolia, are finely woven and formal, tending to interpret the classical Persian style with central medallions and floral infill. A palette of soft and pale gelato tones in the typical antique rug makes it more feminine than other any other antique Turkish carpets.
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