Turkish Hereke Antique Rug BB5636

Turkish Hereke Antique Rug Description:

This circa-1880 antique Turkish Hereke rug features a striking all-over design of floral abstractions and serrated leaves in rich tones of burgundy and warm earthy taupe, green and brown. In the early nineteenth century, on the outskirts of Istanbul, the Hereke carpet workshop was established, becoming famous for producing exceptional, finely woven antique kilim rugs of outstanding technical ability. These antique Hereke rugs often feature luxurious materials such as silk and metal-thread worked into designs, emulating the antique Persian carpets of the Ottoman and Safavid Court workshops. Hereke carpets typically are very large, palace sized carpets, with the precision of their double knots (Turkish or Ghiordes knots) allowing for a clear display of patterns. Today, Hereke carpets and Turkish rugs for sale are still made with the traditional patterns of the Ottoman sultan, Abdülmecid I, as well as both traditional Anatolian and contemporary figurative patterns.
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