Tulu Rug

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Originating from Turkey, Tulu rugs (pronounced “two-lou”) are wonderful and shaggy floor coverings. They are hard to classify – their appearance is very modern,  yet in fact this style of rugs is thought to be the predecessor of all knotted pile carpets.

The playful and charming modern Tulu rug before your eyes is a variation on traditional Turkish designs – it contains a modern twist which lies in the execution of the “pile”. A diamond design which occupies the entire field of the Tulu rug in the orient symbolizes protection against the Evil Eye. Although the rug is rendered in off-white, without any other hues, its appearance is far from boring. The outlines of diamonds are formed of yarn while the rest remains flat – it gives an appealing textural effect.

To be executed, this Tulu rug required a great deal of skill and diligence. Its body, pleasant to the eye and touch, was carefully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques. Provided minimum amount of care, the modern rug will withstand years of usage without any signs of wear.

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Item No.: N10747 Size: 19'2" × 28'9" (584 × 876 cm)
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