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Traditional Rug N10929 11'0" × 20'0" $38,000

Contemporary rugs have a special place in our interiors, due to their diverse designs and high quality. Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of contemporary carpets and solid rugs contains only the most unique and beautiful pieces, gathered with our clients in mind. Solid rugs are a perfect choice for those, who are not interested in bold rugs. Their tasteful colorings and high quality make each solid rug special.

This stunning contemporary rug is a dream come true of any interior designer. It was made using only the highest quality materials, which resulted in a pile that is both durable and delightfully soft. The rug’s best feature, is certainly its wonderful color. Beautiful shade of blue is almost illuminated with the presence of lighter shades, creating almost an ombre-like effect. The rug’s size, 11’0″ × 20’0″ (335 × 609 cm), makes it a great pick for spacious interiors.

Doris Leslie Blau’s grand collection of the highest quality contemporary rugs and solid carpets is famous worldwide not only thanks to its size, but also the quality and uniqueness of every piece that we came to own. This is why our rugs are constantly featured in the best interior design magazines, such as Elle Decor or Architectural Digest.


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Price: $38,000

Item No.: N10929 Size: 11'0" × 20'0" (335 × 609 cm)
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