Traditional Classic Rugs

Traditional Bessarabian Inspired RugIn this section we present the most beautiful carpets inspired by traditional oriental fabrics. If you are looking for a modern edition of a Persian, Indian, Chinese or Turkish accent to enrich your interior – those rugs will enamor you without a doubt. Oriental carpets have occupied a central place in many houses for centuries. Persian rugs are considered the most beautiful of them. These unique fabrics have enchanted a lot of people with their fascinating patterns and masterful performance. It is not difficult to understand why – countless varieties of ample schemes and superior craftsmanship made those rugs unique and luxurious additions to any home. Nothing has changed since then – just because we are still in need of the same values, such as beauty, harmony and exceptional mood of the decorations of ours. Persian carpets were usually made from wool of highest quality and associated with asymmetrical knots. They ought to be the essence of durability. Pakistani items made with Australian wool similar to silk occurred in two main graceful designs: Bokchara (or so-called “elephant feet”) and delicate patterns of Zigler with density of weaving up to 300 thousand knots per square meter, highly inspiring as well. Indian rugs, created manually from wool or silk, were carriers of many various motifs that are highly eligible nowadays: floral patterns, animals, birds, geometric and calligraphic ones. While looking for a Turkish or Chinese beauty in our gallery you won’t be disappointed either. There is a strong belief that the carpets like Turkish, Persian or Indian look best in a classic, traditional setting. Don’t believe it! Modernity loves eclectic and unconventional solutions. Nothing, therefore, precludes that a beautiful and rich rug can lay in a minimalistic living room or be treated as a complement to today’s most popular styles in interior decoration. Our modern, oriental-inspired rugs are able to enchant any interior, so don’t hesitate to let them in.

An Exceptional Collection of Traditional Oriental Carpets for Sale

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