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Vintage Swedish Rya Rug

Vintage Swedish Rya Rug BB5683

Price: $5,000

While most people associate Swedish rugs with flat woven carpets, Scandinavian crafts offers much more in terms of texture. Shaggy and colorful, Rya rugs became a sensation in modern interior design, finding place not only in American homes, but also hearts. Nowadays those vintage carpets remain sought-after by collectors and designers alike because of their art deco vibe and modernist designs. Among all types of vintage Scandinavian carpets  Rya rugs are the easiest to recognize due to their long pile of about 1 to 3 inches, similar to the contemporary “shag carpets”. Each separate knot is composed of three strands of wool, giving the rug rich texture and vast palette of colors.

This stunning vintage Swedish rug immediately draws the eye with its beautiful colorings and unique design. Hand woven with great care and love, this exquisite Scandinavian carpet is sure to capture the hearts of even most demanding connoisseurs! Its high pile is filled with vivid abstract shapes, reminiscent of a Fauvist painting. Abstract elements of this composition work in perfect harmony with each other, showing that order can triumph even in the midst of chaos. Color palette accompanying the pattern contains lovely shades of vivacious red, violet and blue, which were balanced out using more conservative grays.

The size of this vintage Swedish rug, 2’5″ × 4’4″ (74 × 132 cm),will make it a great addition to any type of interior, even the smallest ones! Such stunning example of Swedish weaving is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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