Vintage Swedish Rug BB4759 by DLB
Vintage Swedish Rug

Vintage Swedish Rug BB4759 6'6" × 9'7" $15,000

Despite their age, Swedish vintage rugs still enjoy an unwavering popularity. What is their secret? Few types of antique rugs and vintage carpets can rival beauty of their designs or the impeccable quality of weave,  but what really makes them so special is how deeply rooted they are in Swedish culture and tradition. Something as unique could only be created in the place where old traditions are still being practiced and respected. Vintage Swedish rugs allow us to take a peek into normally secluded world of traditional Scandinavian crafts and understand a bit more about the culture which created them.

This stunning vintage Swedish rug was woven in the mid 20th century, circa 1940. Despite its age, this vintage rug has a surprisingly modern design, which would not look out of place in a contemporary household.  The rug features an allover abstract pattern with mirrored curvilinear design motifs in two diagonally opposite corners. The color palette of this piece utilizes mostly warm hues, which is not very typical for Swedish rugs. Rather neutral sandy beige is spiced up with an addition of dark brown, orange and creamy white, which together create a truly unforgettable composition that anyone would love to own.

Every vintage Swedish rug in Doris Leslie Blau’s collection is unique, as we put a great deal of effort into making sure that our clientele gets only the highest quality and most beautiful antique rugs and vintage carpets. This is why our rugs appear in the most popular interior design magazines, such as Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.


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Price: $15,000

Item No.: BB4759 Circa: 1940 Size: 6'6" × 9'7" (198 × 292 cm)