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Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Runner Signed Bice. BB6398 3'5" × 11'3" $12,000

This Swedish flat weave is a prime example of the remarkable Scandinavian craftsmanship which since the first half of the 20th century has been the apple of the eye of the modernist designers and tastemakers. They have spotted and appreciated the power which lies in the northern art’s simplicity, practicality and directness.

Traditional Swedish Rollakans represent the marvels of Scandinavian natural surroundings dressed in the form of uncomplicated geometric shapes. Here, emerald, turquoise, and forest green stripes of the background bear the motifs very much resembling flowers, rendered in pastel shades of rose pink, magenta and plum. The field, apart from being heartwarming and merry in terms of design, is also a bit mysterious. In the right bottom corner it is signed “BICE”, which might have been the name of the author. More likely, however, it refers to the greenish pigment applied in the process of dying which is also called bice.

The rug runner will be perfect to brighten up corridors, halls or staircases in classic and contemporary abodes alike. It was masterly hand-executed of the finest wool according to refined weaving techniques and it will serve its owners for generations, as it already has for over a half century.

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Item No.: BB6398 Circa: 1960 Size: 3'5" × 11'3" (104 × 342 cm)
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