Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug
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Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug BB6254

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Vintage Swedish flat, Origin: Sweden, Circa: 1950 A truly gem for everyone, who has a little crush on retro style. The fabulous vintage rug will bring a 50’s nostalgia feeling to any living room just like that. Recalling the scenography of a ‘Mad Man’ series, this piece of weaving art is an excellent sample of mid-century modern design. Warm color palette is based on chocolate browns over combed by sunny red with a touch of a delicate pink.

Tiny addition of gray not only balances the colorists, but also introduces an element of timeless elegance. After the second world war designers said goodbye to splendor decor so the innovative simplicity was born. Geometric pattern embodies the idea of this era perfectly. Longitudinal strips at the borders transforms into great arches, leading us to the heart area. Here, colored checkerboard is further decorated with rectangular figures. Thanks to lines connecting together various elements, the whole thing gives the impression of an interesting mobility.

Although the designs of antique and vintage Scandinavian rugs were originally inspired by imported textiles, they gradually developed into an innately northern expression. Simple geometric patterns and vignettes from everyday life such as bouquets of flowers, a child’s sampler or a pet dog were incorporated into flat woven tapestries or Swedish pile antique oriental rugs and carpets, adding charm and immediacy to this folk art.

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Item No.: BB6254 Circa: 1950 Size: 7'2" × 10'4" (218 × 314 cm)
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