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Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Reversible Runner

Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Reversible Runner BB6251


Vintage Flat Weave Runner, Origin: Sweden, Circa: 1950 Bring to your home a bit of classical vintage charm with this masterfully made Swedish runner. Almost fifteen feet length from top to the bottom, very thought-out color palette and interesting geometric pattern are just few of its wonders. The whole composition is border-focused, featuring an endless chain of strong graphic elements. Together they form a checkerboard motive, which gracefully surrounds the edges of the rug. And that is just the beginning. Through the center run horizontal lines, giving the impression of dynamic movement. Thanks to this forceful idea, runner seems to be just made for stairs and corridors. The background is covered with electric cobalt-blue shade, so white figures can come to the fore. Rug beautifully combines iconic Scandinavian simplicity with mid-century modern undertones. And that makes it so unique.

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Item No.: BB6251 Circa: 1950 Size: 2'10" × 17'9" (86 × 541 cm)Category: