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Antique Sarab runner

Antique Sarab runner BB4747

Price: $25,000

A highly decorative late 19th century Sarab runner carpet having a series of medallions overall on a beige field with finely-drawn subtle motifs within a border of polychrome geometric floral motifs that match the floral motifs in the medallions.

In the province of Azerbaijain in northwestern Persia, the village of Sarab source of the eponymous Sarab rugs. These rugs are unique among Persian: they are smaller than most. This region is well-known for producing well-made, valuable, beautiful runners and other smaller Persian rugs.

Antique Sarab rugs may be smaller in size but are second to none in terms of quality or design. Antique Sarab rugs are often three foot wide runners that are anywhere from ten to twenty feet long. However, doormat size antique kilim rugs are also common in the area.

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