Vintage Swedish Flatweave Rug (The Park) by Barbro Nilsson BB5204

Vintage Swedish Flatweave Rug (The Park) by Barbro Nilsson Description:

This vintage Scandinavian rug features a Swedish flatweave tapestry technique designed in 1943 by artist Barbro Nilsson. Nilsson is one of the most renowned and respected designers and master weavers in Sweden's midcentury textile handcraft Renaissance. Imaginative use of color, personal inspiration, innovative weaving techniques and design expertise all contributed to the enduring success of her signature flat-weave carpets and tapestries. Flatweave rugs are woven without pile - the nap of the rug or the tufts remaining after the knotted yarns are dipped - making them particularly comfortable underfoot. This particular vintage Scandinavian carpet, titled "The Park," features a floral abstraction in varying shades of green and white. The linear and geometric design combined with the cool, faded colors comes together for a look that is both modern and elegant.

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