Vintage Arts & Craft Rug BB5738

Vintage Arts & Craft Rug Description:

An Arts & Crafts rug by Charles Voysey. His designs had a freshness and vitality about them that was unusual for the time. While based on close observation of the natural world, these motifs were nevertheless simplified and stylized. Voysey's approach to carpet design was particularly innovative. Up to this point, rugs were conceived as a type of painting, with the entire composition designed and sized for the dimensions of the particular carpet being made. In contrast, Voysey separated the interior, or field, from the border and treated the design of the field as essentially infinite and bounded only by the dimensions of the border. This allowed the carpets to be made in a virtually unlimited number of sizes without having to redesign the carpet for each size produced. (Size adjusted.).
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Item No. BB5738
Circa: 1910
Size: 11'10" × 13'0" (361 × 396 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Arts & Craft Rug BB5738