Lilly Designed Rug

Lilly Designed Rug Description:

What makes art deco-inspired rugs so unique and desirable are their whimsical patterns, bound to charm anyone, and this contemporary rug is no exception. Made of highest quality materials, it boasts quite the size of 17'2" × 22'6", making it a great choice for those looking for ways to boldly define their space. However, it is not the size that draws the eye, but the pattern. This daring composition depicts a water surface filled with lily pads and flowers in full bloom, enticing the viewer to take the step and dive into refreshing cold water. The pattern is gently framed by a simple border which serves to bring out its charm even further. The choice of colors here is not accidental - delightful violet and beige remind of flower petals, while darker shades of black and green represent the water surface. Needless to say, with such a unique piece, every household will look special.

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