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Vintage Deco Chinese Rug BB6199 10'8" × 22'2"

An early 20th century vintage Chinese Deco rug, Circa: 1940, Origin: China. This luxurious rug is a result of an exceptional confluence of western and eastern styles, known as Chinese Art Deco. The dominant pattern resembles bold and geometric sunrays, gradually shifting from garnet red to its lighter shades, down to delicate tones of beige. The ivory background contains a subtle surprise – an almost invisible, fret-covered medallion, loosely alluding to traditional Chinese motifs of Shou and Fu (longevity and prosperity). Chinese deco carpets are known for their durability and an exquisite quality of wool – this one is no different. The pile is soft, almost luminous and together with the elegant design creates a sophisticated whole.

Item No.: BB6199 Circa: 1940 Size: 10'8" × 22'2" (325 × 675 cm)
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Vintage Deco Chinese Rug BB6199

Vintage Deco Chinese Rug BB6199