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Antique Persian Tabriz Silk Rug BB6781 4'7" × 6'0" $48,000

One rarely gets to face the wonder of art and craft comparable with this antique Persian rug made in the renowned weaving center of Tabriz. This silk rug is refined in the smallest details. The main field proudly bears an absolutely sublime design featuring the famous vase motif thriving with lush greenery, enhanced thanks to birds of paradise, and watched over by two angelic figures. This recherché picture is enclosed within the series of borders carrying further botanical and floral motifs. The color palette features the classic Persian trio of red, blue and beige – the royal colors symbolizing consecutively courage, power and purity. Carefully hand-knotted of top-notch silk in complete accordance with traditional techniques, this antique Persian rug is not only durable but also ultimately qualitative, with a pile distinguished by irresistible softness and sheen. If properly maintained, this oriental treasure will have a chance to bring in a touch of palatial elegance to any kind of modern interior, remaining intact for many years of usage.


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Price: $48,000

Item No.: BB6781 Circa: 1880 Size: 4'7" × 6'0" (139 × 182 cm)
Color: Red Style: , , Origin: Persia