Antique Persian Sultanabad BB5287

Antique Persian Sultanabad Description:

In 1883, Ziegler and Co. of Manchester, England, established a Persian carpet workshop in Sultanabad, Iran, an area known as Arak. Ziegler and Co. employed designers from major western department stores, such as B. Altman and Co. in New York and Liberty of London, to adapt and re-color traditional sixteenth and seventeenth century Safavid designs for the more restrained western taste. In addition, traditional local dying techniques were improved, creating new possibilities in color and tonality.

With bold, allover patterns and softer palettes than their vibrant Persian counterparts, antique Persian Sultanabad rugs and antique carpets attracted an immediate following leading to a demand for oriental carpets from the Sultanabad district. Subsequently, until the early twentieth century a large number of oriental rugs were exported from Persia to both Europe and America. Stylistically, antique Sultanabad rugs are still regarded as the most appealing to European and American tastes. The Ziegler or Sultanabad nomenclature continues to be used in denoting an outstanding antique Mahal rug or carpet from the nineteenth century.

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