Antique Persian Meshad Rug BB5770

Antique Persian Meshad Rug Description:

This exquisite antique early 20th century Persian rug is a cornucopia of traditional oriental carpet imagery. Floral motifs and arabesques make up the all-over design, with staples such as the boteh - the Persian inspiration for the paisley pattern, usually representing a leaf or a pinecone - patterned throughout the light beige field. More floral motifs appear in the sky-blue border for an over-all look of ornate carpet work and skill.

The antique carpet comes from Meshad, the administrative seat of the Khorassan province throughout the centuries, and home to many renowned oriental rug workshops. Antique Mashhad oriental rugs typically feature the Jufti knot, a "false" knot which is tied onto four warp threads instead of the normal two. Designs are based on classical models but executed in color schemes ranging from traditional burgundies and midnight blues, to the more contemporary tints of ice blue and beige.

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