Antique Persian Kilim BB5216

Antique Persian Kilim Description:

This antique Persian kilim rug features a simple geometric central pattern in brown against a background of beige. Multiple borders that complement the geometric motif of the main pattern complete the look of the antique carpet. Kilim, a word of Turkish origin, refers to a pileless weave produced by one of several flat-weaving techniques that have a common or closely related heritage and are practiced in the geographical area that includes parts of Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace), North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and China. Kilim rugs are popular among collectors due to the different nature of their weave, as well as traditional value of a piece woven for indigenous use as opposed to rugs made on a strictly commercial basis. The authenticity of origin as well as the unique design of these rugs add to their value.

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