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Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12493 11'10" × 15'1"

A hand-woven flatweave wool rug of Scandinavian inspiration. It displays allover bold, geometric shapes on a beige background. The color palette consists of beige, blue, taupe and brown.

Doris Leslie Blau carries an exceptional collection of modern rugs inspired by mid-century Swedish designs. We stay true to the legendary tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship by hand-weaving flatweave wool Rölakan rugs and wool pile Rya rugs that are very close in looks and feel to the original ones. Contemporary hand-made rugs are a bridge throughout history, they are the fruit of the constant evolution of the weaving craft that has accompanied men since the dawn of civilization.

Item No.: N12493 Size: 11'10" × 15'1" (360 × 459 cm)
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Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12493

Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12493