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Nepalese Deco Rug N11515 4'2" × 6'0" $2,500


This exquisite mid century modern rug is truly a pearl of the Modernist artistic thought. Looking at its simple yet ingenious pattern one may find inspirations from the greatest works of the past century, including the famed geometric graphic design on the legendary dress by Yves Saint-Laurent. Six solid, pronounced squares, each trimmed on two edges with a thick strip in the corresponding hue, create a bold and elegant composition. In this Art Deco rug, the application of colors plays major role.

Every shade is different from the other, some of them just slightly, but all are kept within the frames of a carefully matched, autumnal color palette with an extremely fashionable ombre effect. Here, steel gray, taupe and slate are put together with deep wine, dusty yellow and walnut brown – so chic! This modern wonder was thoroughly hand-executed by Nepalese weavers of the finest wool which makes it not only an exceptional art work but also a qualitative, durable utilitarian object. The rug amazes with its luminous pile and the minimalistic design. It is an option for all beauty lovers.

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Item No.: N11515 Size: 4'2" × 6'0" (127 × 182 cm)

This is Nepalese Deco Rug number N11515 in our internal collections. This rug was manufactured

The dimensions of this rug are: 4'2" × 6'0" width × length, which corresponds to 127 × 182 cm in the metric system.

The rug was qualified by our experts as a Art Deco, Geometric style in our wide offer of rugs. If you are interested in this unique work of art, please contact us with the number N11515 for further information.

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Nepalese  Deco Rug N11515

Nepalese Deco Rug N11515


Out of stock