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Taurus Collection
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Taurus Collection N11481 4'0" × 6'1" $5,000

This modern carpet pattern constitutes the quintessence of chic and practicality. Inspired with minimalistic creations from Scandinavia and natural animal hides, the new carpet has a chance to introduce warmth and timeless elegance into absolutely any décor. Its soft yet firm body was meticulously hand-knotted of the top-notch goat hair which resulted in a texture that is both pleasant and intriguing. The overall geometric design relies on simple gray and off-white stripes running horizontally across the surface of the grey geometric rug, enhanced by a delicate lattice in the main field formed entirely of the pile fibers. If properly maintained, this contemporary rug will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear.


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Price: $5,000

Item No.: N11481 Size: 4'0" × 6'1" (121 × 185 cm)
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