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Creamy White and Dark Gray Taurus Collection N11464 3'10" × 6'0" $5,000

Contemporary carpets are one of the most diverse types of contemporary modern area rugs in existence – it would be difficult to find two looking exactly the same! This particular piece manages to dazzle with its effortless elegance, achieved thanks to the balance between its design and color. The pattern consists of horizontal lines running through the field, but among them a keen eye can spot a little surprise. The second part of this composition was achieved thanks to the differences in the height of the pile. Crisscrossed lines contrast with the rest of the design, but are discreet enough to not seem overbearing. The color palette of this piece was created of two hues, creamy white and dark gray, which help to balance out this design.

Contemporary rug designs can be inspired by geometric area rugs contemporary, antique modern carpets, or by relevant works of art, yet are usually executed with a more modern twist, either in the pattern or the color palette. Many of our modern rugs and contemporary rugs were shaped by top designers and architects exclusive to the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery.


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Price: $5,000

Item No.: N11464 Size: 3'10" × 6'0" (116 × 182 cm)
Color: Beige, Brown Style: