Taurus Collection

Taurus Collection N11466 2'10" × 4'3" $4,000

Inspiration is a fickle thing, but despite its capricious nature it can be found anywhere. Looking at this exquisite contemporary area rug, it is easy to guess where the weaver might have found an idea for its fascinating design. Hand woven using high quality goat hair, the geometric carpet sports an original pattern, which reminds one of traditional tribal designs in both color and form. It consists of several wide stripes with every other containing a smaller composition inside of it. The color palette accompanying it was undoubtedly modeled after natural earthy hues. Black, white and two shades of brown create a perfect mix which further enhances this already stunning modern area rug. With such a wonderful piece every household will immediately feel homely and inviting.

Contemporary rug designs can be inspired by vintage rugs, antique carpets, or by relevant works of art, yet are usually executed with a more modern twist, either in the pattern or the color palette. Many of our modern rugs and contemporary rugs were shaped by top designers and architects exclusive to the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery. 


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Price: $4,000

Item No.: N11466 Size: 2'10" × 4'3" (86 × 129 cm)