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TAURUS COLLECTION N11451 5'4" × 7'0" $5,000

Looking at this high quality contemporary area rug one might think that it is devoid of any pattern, yet a closer look proves that this is not true. Woven by hand with great care and love, this piece has a secret pattern that was created through experimenting with different lengths of the pile. Looking closely we can see crisscrossed straight lines which together create a perfect composition. Thanks to the goat hair used during the process of weaving, this modern area rug is astonishingly durable, making it a great investment for the future. The color palette was composed of a single shade of brown. Deep and dark, it reminds one of a gourmet chocolate, proving that the weaver thought about every detail of their work.

Doris Leslie Blau has always tried to bring the charm enclosed in antique, geometric patterned rugs closer to people, closer to you. We opened our galleries in multiple locations in order to let you experience the sheer beauty of antique, vintage Persian, oriental rugs and carpets with your own eyes and hands.


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Price: $5,000

Item No.: N11451 Size: 5'4" × 7'0" (162 × 213 cm)
Color: Brown Style: