Ink Splatter Rug

Ink Splatter Rug N11351

Price: $6,000

This is the one certainly able to melt your heart. Wherever you’ll place the hand, this tufted abstract rug, woven with decent wool and smooth silk, can evoke the whole variety of advantages of your space. Tiptop performance of this contrast composition brings to mind an association with dandelions in the wind occurring on a x-rayed plate. The elegant color palette, consisting of dove-gray and deep black, is a perfect fulfillment of the bold asymmetrical pattern of the whole. Ever so artistic and border-less design presents itself as a woven painting. It is not to be missed by connoisseurs truly devoted to luxurious abstractive adds, awaiting some special interior inspiration.

In our stocks we have only the finest, most enchanting and qualitative modern shag rugs, designed by renowned designers, or modeled on the works of world-class painters, including the giants of art like Jackson Pollok, Robert Delaunay, Henri Matisse or Wassily Kandinsky. Each piece from our collection is executed with utmost diligence of top-notch materials in accordance with traditional, centuries-old weaving techniques to ensure the longevity and uniqueness of every single carpet. Abstract rugs from Doris Leslie Blau constitute an ideal merger of the best features of the past and the present.

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Item No.: N11351 Size: 6'0" × 8'9" (182 × 266 cm)
Style: Abstract Rugs