Aubusson Eric Cohler N11312 by DLB
Aubusson Eric Cohler

Aubusson Eric Cohler N11312 6'0" × 9'0" $4,500

Talking about interior design, which is both his passion and professional occupation, Eric Cohler always emphasizes the role of touch of class aubusson rugs claiming that they ‘are the heart and soul of any room’. He seems to be confirming those words, which is reflected in his collection of mid century modern area rugs and designer carpets prepared with incredible solicitude.

The one before your eyes is a Renaissance-inspired Aubusson which, despite being recently made, comprises all the best features of the original French masterpieces. Most importantly – the pile, which is made of the best quality wool and silk and will be a real tread for the connoisseurs.

Then, the allover foliage pattern, which is a reference to the original Aubusson motifs, but lighter and more delicate. Finally, the color palette of subtle beige hues, which complements this remarkable and timeless composition. The finishing trim is the border, which is left blank and separated by a tender, ethereal line. This Aubusson rug is the essence of timeless elegance.


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Price: $4,500

Item No.: N11312 Size: 6'0" × 9'0" (182 × 274 cm)
Color: Beige Style: ,