Contemporary Geometric Yellow and Brown Hand Knotted Hemp Rug
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Contemporary Geometric Yellow and Brown Hand Knotted Hemp Rug N11124 5'8" × 7'10" $4,000

More and more people decide to think about the future of our planet while shopping for contemporary rugsContemporary hemp rugs  are valued not only for their eco-friendliness, but also durability. An organic fiber made from Cannabis, hemp was used as a textile for centuries, especially in China, Canada & Australia. One of the reasons why hemp carpets are gaining interest of the public, is their positive impact on the environment. The Cannabis plants grow extremely fast in any kind of climate and terrain, without any need for artificial fertilizers which could pollute the soil. As such, contemporary rugs made of hemp are a great addition to any household.

This exquisite contemporary geometric rug was hand knotted using a luxurious blend of high quality wool and hemp fiber. Such interesting mix resulted in a pile which is both soft and durable! Rug’s pattern depicts a rather minimalist composition, constructed of various irregular squares and lines. Color palette accompanying this design is rather modest, but somehow perfectly suit the theme of this composition. Tempered grays contrast with lively yellow, creating a very pleasing dissonance between darkness and light.

The size of this contemporary geometric rug, 5’8″ × 7’10” (173 × 239 cm), makes it a perfect addition to any household and venue. Few other types of carpets can convey the upcoming future as well as this one. Beautiful and environmentally friendly, contemporary hemp rugs are about to change out world for the better, so be sure to be a part of this change!


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Price: $4,000

Item No.: N11124 Size: 5'8" × 7'10" (172 × 238 cm)