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Contemporary Silk Rug N11533 6'3" × 12'0" $7,000

The power of this contemporary silk solid color carpet lies in the effortless elegance. It is perfect in terms of both execution and design, combining the ancient craft with the modern aesthetic though. Its luminous pile is masterly hand-crafted of the finest silk according to traditional weaving techniques.

Silk, due to its many properties such as high tensile strength, luster, low density, good insulation and resistance to deformation and certain insects, is considered one of the most luxurious materials on Earth. Needless to say, the mid century modern rug made of this exceptional fiber comprises all of those features and more. In respect of design, this modern wonder is left absolutely pure and clean – there are no borders, no pattern, not a single detail, just a soft and shiny silk pile resembling a vast, snowy Antarctic plain.

Such minimalism is absolutely versatile, therefore it will match any kind of interior, from classically to modernly arranged. This magnificent rug may bring a breath of fresh winter breeze to your home, just let it in.


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Price: $7,000

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Item No.: N11533 Size: 6'3" × 12'0" (190 × 365 cm)
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