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contemporary Tibetan Rug N11120

Price: $12,000

From all countries famed for their Oriental rugs, Tibet is probably the most mysterious one. The country’s mountainous landscape is unmatched in its beauty. This deeply spiritual country is a place where traditional craft flourished, creating stunning Tibetan rugs known worldwide by travelers and collectors alike. Oriental rugs woven in Tibet have an ancient history, which began centuries ago.  Throughout the years, locals found numerous uses for Tibetan rugs – from wall coverings to horse saddles. Nowadays, Tibetan carpets are slowly regaining their previous prestige and popularity. We can only hope, that one day, the market will see a bloom of traditionally crafted Tibetan rugs.

Beauty of this contemporary Tibetan rug is undeniable, however, there is more to it than just a stunning design. It was hand woven using the highest quality blend of wool and silk, which resulted in a pile that is both luxuriously soft and very durable. Contemporary rug with such qualities is a great investment for the future! Rug’s pattern is rather modest, but no less spectacular, as it depicts a series of dots in the upper right and lower left corner. Color palette accompanying this design contains a very relaxing shade of sky blue, highlighted with a hint of white.

Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of both contemporary rugs and antique carpets contains only the best quality pieces, each of which was created with a great deal of attention and love. Our rugs were all handpicked in order to suit the tastes of our clientele.

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Item No.: N11120 Size: 9'0" × 12'0" (274 × 365 cm)
Color: Blue Style: Abstract Origin: Tibetan Rugs