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Modern Rug N11001

Price: $28,000

What makes modern rugs so interesting? While answer to this question can be numerous, we all can agree on one thing. We find ourselves drawn to diverse designs offered by modern rugs of all sizes, shapes and styles. No matter if you prefer geometric rugs or floral carpets, you are bound to find something special for yourself. Modern rugs in abstract style are not a rarity, since more and more people became interested in their originality and elegance, inspiring designers and craftsmen alike to produce new pieces. Contemporary interior design proved to be especially kind towards abstract rugs, often incorporating them in some form or another into various  types of rooms and accommodations.

This stunning contemporary rug is everything an art lover could want. It was woven with great care and love, which is easily seen in the impeccable quality of its weave. Rug’s size, 11’0″ × 18’7″ (335 × 566 cm), makes it a perfect choice for more spacious households and interiors, especially those with an open floor plan. The pattern of this abstract rug was created thanks to skillful manipulation of the color palette, composed mostly of various shades of brown and beige.

At Doris Leslie Blau we value not only the beauty of our contemporary carpets, but also their quality. This is why we only offer our clients crème de la crème of the rug industry.  Just take a look at Doris Leslie Blau’s grand collection of both antique and contemporary carpets and indulge in the most luxurious shopping experience you have ever imaged.

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Item No.: N11001 Size: 11'0" × 18'7" (335 × 566 cm)
Style: Abstract