Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Rug N12037 13'10" × 17'10" $28,000

Moroccan rugs started out as a typically tribal craft, where all weavers were educated by each other or through trial and error. This resulted in creation of rugs that continue to astonish with their authenticity and beauty. Among all contemporary rugs you would be hard pressed to find something more connected to local history and culture than Moroccan rugs. No wonder that interior designers and art collectors admire them so much. Few other types of modern rugs can be called works of art, no matter what their age is.

This stunning contemporary Moroccan rug is bound to immediately charm even the most demanding art connoisseurs. It was woven using the highest quality wool blend, resulting in a pile that is both soft and durable. The pattern of this contemporary carpet, features an abstract composition depicting squares and rectangles of varying sizes. The color palette of this rug is kept in classic mix of black and white, traditionally appearing in most of Moroccan rugs.

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Price: $28,000

Item No.: N12037 Size: 13'10" × 17'10" (421 × 543 cm)
Color: Black, White Style: