Modern Flat Weave Rug

Modern Flat Weave Rug N12009

Price: $8,000

There is nothing like the raw and whimsical charm of tribal craftsmanship. Making our new rugs, we pay respect to tradition while trying to answer the needs of contemporary decorators. As a result, the exceptional flat weave before your eyes combines the centuries-old kilim art with a pinch of modern approach, which makes it an ideal designer item for your abode.

The flat weave is covered in an allover design of classic kilim motifs, including “Göz” (Eye) and “Pitrak” (Burdock). Both symbolize protection and are believed to be capable of warding off the Evil Eye. The pattern in rendered in an exceptionally elegant palette of blue and dirty beige, ready to match a wide variety of interior arrangements.

In addition to beautiful appearance, this modern rug is distinguished by impeccable workmanship. It was patiently hand-woven of the finest wool to ensure its resilience and durability. Provided very little care, this modern flat weave will serve its owners for generations, showing no signs of wear.

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Item No.: N12009 Size: 12'10" × 17'8" (391 × 538 cm)
Color: , Style: Modern Rugs