Oversized Contemporary Abaca Rug

Oversized Contemporary Abaca Rug N11996

Price: $16,700

This oversized contemporary abaca rug constitutes the essence of practicality and beauty with a great dose of wild tribal charm straight from an oriental jungle. Its major strength lies in the excellent execution which ensures the rug’s firmness and longevity.

The body was masterly hand-woven of the finest abaca, also known as Manila hemp, which is one of the most durable natural materials in the carpet industry. The plaited fibers form horizontal stripes on the main field and a thicker selvage which encloses the central design. Due to such thorough making, and under minimum maintenance, the rug has a chance to withstand many decades even in a relatively unwelcoming environment. Although hemp may seem a bit rough a material for a rug, in fact, it perfectly checks out in the more demanding spaces of the house, such as a vestibule, kitchen or even a patio.

This abaca rug combines the folkloristic braided design with modern minimalism. The natural golden brown color of Manila hemp constitutes a heartwarming, pleasant-to-the-eye sight. Versatile and utterly enchanting, this oversized contemporary rug will easily match a wide variety of décors, bringing in warmth and organizing the space

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Item No.: N11996 Size: 17'10" × 23'0" (543 × 701 cm)
Color: Beige Style: Modern Rugs