Bessarabian Design Rug

Bessarabian Design Rug N11902

Price: $15,000

Bessarabian rugs have that whimsical charm that evokes the warmest feelings of homeliness. Their nature-related, colorful designs long ago have stolen the hearts of designers and rug aficionados around the world. This incredible Bessarabian-inspired rug, although presently made, draws from the traditional aesthetics to bring playfulness and elegance to present-day décors.

The main field of the modern rug is occupied by six decorative medallions richly adorned with various florals. It is embraced by a border kept in the spirit of the main design with insets filled with flower bouquets. As befits a creation of Bessarabia, the color palette is full of contrasting shades, including pinks, reds, greens, blues, with stronger touches of brown and outlines done in black, against beige and light blue. Despite the abundance of colors, the arrangement is done tastefully and it will be a perfect complement to a wide variety of interiors.

This new Bessarabian design rug was made in accordance with traditional techniques to make sure its durable and absolutely one of a kind. Its flat body was carefully woven by hand of the finest wool which guarantees that, under little maintenance, the carpet will withstand years of usage without any signs of wear.

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Item No.: N11902 Size: 12'0" × 16'2" (365 × 492 cm)
Color: Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Red Style: Floral