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Aubusson Rug by Arthur Dunnam N11923

Price: $3,200

Can you imagine life without runners? While it is true that because of their shape runners are not as popular as traditional rugs, their role in our interiors is still impossible to ignore.  No corridor can be complete without their warm presence and beautiful patterns. This is the reason why we can find so many different designs for contemporary runners, making decorating with them very easy. Finding your dream runner might be a difficult task at first, but once you do, be prepare for a sudden change in your entire household!

This stunning Aubusson runner is a dream come true of any rug aficionado. Made of the best available materials, it can immediately charm anyone with its tasteful design and choice of colors.  The pattern, while simple, certainly draws the eye. Geometric figures depicted on the surface are put in such a way to create a perfectly balanced composition. The color palette includes mild shades of beige, spiced up with a bit of pink and gray.

All custom rugs and runners at Doris Leslie Blau are made of the highest quality materials in order to ensure satisfaction of our clients. We are happy to know that our hard work is appreciated by the top interior designs magazines, such as Architectural Digest.

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Item No.: N11923 Size: 3'0" × 9'0" (91 × 274 cm)
Color: Beige, Pink Style: Geometric