Modernist Jean Cocteau Style Rug

Modernist Jean Cocteau Style Rug N11986

Price: $23,000

What makes contemporary rugs so special in the eyes of art collectors and interior designers is undoubtedly a great diversity of their styles. You can easily find a modern carpet that will perfectly suit your tastes, from geometric rugs to Persian carpets. Contemporary rugs in many cases bear similarities to antique rugs and vintage carpets, as designers find new ways of reusing traditional patterns and color palette.

This mesmerizing contemporary rug is a dream come true of any interior designer. Made of the highest quality materials, it is bound to serve you and your family for years to come. First thing that draws attention to it, is certainly the pattern. The abstract composition depicts a seemingly chaotic mix of whimsical lines and shapes, which look as if someone drew them using a pen. The color palette accompanying it consists of a very classic contrast of black and white. The elegance of the design combined with the quality of weave, makes this deco rug a perfect investment for both the present and future.

Doris Leslie Blau’s grand collection contains not only highest quality antique rugs, but also stunning vintage and contemporary carpets. If you are looking for a rug that will make your interior look truly special, you found the right place.

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Item No.: N11986 Circa: 2019 Size: 10'3" × 15'0" (312 × 457 cm)
Style: Modern Rugs