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Oversized Contemporary Area Rug
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Oversized Contemporary Area Rug N11715 16'10" × 24'7" $60,000

If one is looking for something magnificent to complement the interior, this contemporary rug is the perfect solution. The first feature which attracts attention of any onlooker is the majestic size – such an item will never go unnoticed, even if placed in an adequately ample room. Its grandness is balanced by the minimalistic design, concentrated on elaborate texture rather than figurative motifs or colors which prevents the piece from being overwhelming and grants it a truly timeless character.

The entire field of the modern carpet is covered in a high-and-low pile formed in a dense, meandering geometric pattern, that has something of oriental botanical-inspired art to it. The main field is enclosed within a simple single border, additionally adorned with a lovely fringe at the longer edges, kept in the ever-present shade of light beige with gray undertones. Such intricate structure required a special, tradition-based making by a skilled artisan to be executed in such detail.

Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest wool and silk in accordance with centuries-old techniques, this oversized black and white modern rug will have a chance to please the eyes, hands and feet of its owners for generations without any signs of wear. Due to its exceptional appearance, it will easily match both classic and state-of-the art décors, organizing and warming up the space with its appealing presence.


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Price: $60,000

Item No.: N11715 Size: 16'10" × 24'7" (513 × 749 cm)
Color: Beige, Yellow Style: ,