Terra Rug in Natural Wool

Terra Rug in Natural Wool N11634


This astonishing Terra rug enchants with fine craftsmanship and natural appeal. Its soft and cushy pile was thoroughly knotted by hand of the first-rate undyed wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled Tibetan artisan. Due to such meticulous making, the rug provides not only a distinct and delectable palpable sensation but is also distinguished by upmost durability. It will most certainly survive many years without any signs of wear or damage, pleasing eyes, hands and feet of its lucky owners.

The contemporary Terra rug is named so to reflect its close connection to nature and tradition. The undyed wool is environmentally friendly, while the centuries-old ways of making carpets stands in the opposition to the soulless mass production of disposable goods happening nowadays. In terms of design, this contemporary shag rug encompasses modernity as well as oriental heritage.

The allover geometric pattern is slightly abrashed in order to add a sophisticated patina effect. This classy and versatile Terra modern area rug in natural wool will most certainly fit into a wide array of interior décors, from classic to modern, bringing in the elegance and charm of hand-made craft.

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Item No.: N11634 Size: 8'9" × 12'0" (266 × 365 cm)
Style: Dreamy, Geometric