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Traditional Nepalese Rug N11527

Price: $1,500

This charming Nepalese traditional today rug exudes a particularly heartwarming vibe. It resembles an Oriental patchwork composed of six parts, each bearing a completely different design. Strangely enough, the entire appearance of this contemporary creation is perfectly consistent due to the right toning of the shades. All the colors appearing on the field of the carpet are properly muted so the outcome is well balanced and tasteful, without a shadow of blatancy. Here, deep burgundy, indigo and navy blue are offset by light and dark brown, stone gray and light beige.

The motifs appearing on each of the six parts vary considerably, stemming from Scandinavian, Moroccan and even Indian aesthetics. What makes them work together is their utter simplicity. They are all kept within the frames of traditional tribal or countryside design, hence the association with a patchwork.

The pile of this lovely Nepalese modern rug was masterly hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. Such excellent execution is a guarantee of the carpet’s quality and longevity. If given a chance, it will imbue any interior with exceptional warmth and fashionable boho vibe.

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Item No.: N11527 Size: 4'3" × 5'8" (129 × 172 cm)
Style: Abstract