Snakeskin Tibetan Rug

Snakeskin Tibetan Rug N11373


In Tibet rugs were always something more than mere decoration – they served as furniture, places of prayer and symbols of power. Technique used to weave them continues to be passed on from generation to generation, allowing us to witness the beauty of one of the most unique pieces of woven art. This stunning modern area rug was handmade by a skilled artisan from a blend of high quality wool and silk, ensuring not only its durability, but also delightful softness. Its pattern is rather unique comparing to other Tibetan rugs, as it successfully mimics snakeskin, creating a life-like display. The color palette is composed of natural shades such as brown, gray and beige with just a tiny bit of blue. This gorgeous contemporary shag rug is perfect for those craving something exotic yet free of cruelty.

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Item No.: N11373 Size: 10'2" × 13'10" (309 × 421 cm)
Color: Beige Style: Abstract, Bold