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Contemporary Flat weave Rug N11856

Price: $19,000

Contemporary wool flat weave rugs enjoy unfaltering popularity and looking at this exquisite piece it is easy to understand why. Woven by hand using best available materials, it sports a fascinating pattern. While it is constructed of several elements triangles seem to be the main element here. Made of straight lines of varying lengths, they create a very modern composition. Color palette accompanying the pattern is very modest, but suits it perfectly. The mix of dark blue and clear white has a calming effect, but also helps to bring out the beauty of the whole.

Although the majority of people associate carpets with certain shagginess, modern shag rugs constitute a substantial part of the profound weaving heritage. Flat, hand-woven rugs have widely contributed to the development of rug-making techniques as they represent one of the basic forms of woven textiles. 

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Item No.: N11856 Size: 12'7" × 18'0" (383 × 548 cm)
Color: Gray Style: Casual, Geometric Construction: Flat Weave