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Contemporary Sea and Sand Hand Knotted Silk Rug N11773 7'0" × 10'1" $9,000

This stunning contemporary rug is hand-knotted in the finest matka silk. It could be described using only one word – elegance. Seemingly random splashes of color bear a striking similarity to blue seas and golden sands. Everything in it, from the technique used to weave it to the color palette, was chosen deliberately to create the ultimate masterpiece. Seemingly random splashes of color on the pile bear striking similarity to the fluffy clouds one can see on a sky during summer. This, combined with brilliant blues, white and a bit of green results in a composition worthy of a king.

Doris Leslie Blau grants clients looking for contemporary rugs and modern rugs a unique opportunity to make their own individual statement with a floor covering that is truly their own and truly one of a kind. Known around the world as one of the most elite dealers in antique rugs and vintage carpets in NYC, Doris Leslie Blau does not stop there and offers a wide variety of new designer rugs created by renowned figures from the world of art, design, and architecture. And for those looking for the ultimate in personal statements, we can provide bespoke modern carpets for living room, custom-made to your specifications that are limited only by your imagination.


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Price: $9,000

Item No.: N11773 Size: 7'0" × 10'1" (213 × 307 cm)
Color: Beige, Blue Style: , ,