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Swedish Designed Pile Rug N11366 12'0" × 15'3" $20,000


Scandinavian minimalism has become proverbial practically as soon as it entered the international design arena. Judging by the condition of their weaving, it is hardly surprising – Swedish rugs are one of the most widely sought-after types of floor coverings in the world. The custom Swedish-designed pile rug before your eyes is a variation on the northern craft with minor modifications.

The face of the new carpet is covered in an abstract yet orderly design of anthracite smudges against the beige background with pinkish undertones. Although there is a distinct border, in some points it subtly blends with the motifs of the main pattern. Everything together forms up an utterly timeless and versatile composition that will easily match a wide variety of décors, bringing in a bit of a geometric stir.

Despite being presently made, the modern rug can boast of traditional execution. It was carefully hand-knotted of the finest wool by a proficient artisan. The before-mentioned variation lies in the knotted pile. The vast majority of Scandinavian rugs are either flat-woven rollakans or shaggy Ryas. This one has a regular pile length that will pamper the feet while remaining relatively low-maintenance.

New, modern and custom rugs by Doris Leslie Blau richly draw from the refined centuries-old techniques but are made with the accordance with the present trends and a pinch of a visionary attitude. Discover their never-passing elegance in your abode today.

Mid-century Swedish inspired rug made in India.

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Price: $20,000

Item No.: N11366 Size: 12'0" × 15'3" (365 × 464 cm)
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Swedish Designed  Pile Rug N11366

Swedish Designed Pile Rug N11366


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