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CONTEMPORARY RUG N11741 13'0" × 17'3" $27,000

What is valued the most in décor these days is simplicity. Complex forms, rich color palettes… Many designers seem to have abandoned them and converted to minimalism. If you are one of the people who prefer utility, but do not want to forget about aesthetics, this rug delver modern is for you. It was hand knotted using highest quality blend of silk and wool, which ensured not only its softness, but also durability. The carpet’s pattern is very simple, as it consists only of straight vertical lines, yet this simplicity is what makes it as elegant as it is. The color palette is composed of two different shades of gray, which together create a very interesting and harmonious mix, bound to look perfect in any kind of accommodation.

Contemporary beautiful rugs have numerous faces, from traditional-inspired patterns through abstract forms to minimalistic and geometric designs. They constitute a fascinating bridge between the antiquity and contemporaneity, combining the ancient, centuries-old craft with up-to-date ideas and progressive aesthetic thought. The quality of modern rugs in New York City purchased through trusted dealers does not differ at all from the one of antique and vintage contemporary carpets


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Price: $27,000

Item No.: N11741 Size: 13'0" × 17'3" (396 × 525 cm)
Color: Beige, Gray Style: